Join the Qatar-US Economic Forum in Raleigh, NC Tomorrow

Government officials from the State of Qatar will gather this Wednesday in Raleigh with business leaders for the Qatar-US Economic Forum, promoting Qatar’s growing economic partnerships with American entities.The delegation is led by the Minister of Economy & Commerce of the State of Qatar, the entity charged with enhancing the State's economic diversification measures. 

Many are likely familiar with Qatar as the small gas-rich nation in the Arabian Gulf. However, what many don't know, is that Qatar has embarked on an impressive journey to diversify its economy and it has made some remarkable strides so far. 

In fact, American firms in various sectors can operate in Qatar with 100% foreign ownership and have the opportunity to bid on a plethora of projects. In 2018 alone, Qatar will award $29 billion in projects related to infrastructure and development that American firms can bid on. Additionally, Hamad Port, one of the largest in the region and the largest greenfield port project in the world, has allowed Qatar to become a regional shipping hub. Companies interested in investing in Africa, South Asian, or the reconstruction of Iraq, can easily register in Qatar (within two weeks), and use its infrastructure to springboard to Qatar's regional partners. 

Many of these opportunities have been made possible by sweeping reforms that have taken place over the last year. The focus of the Ministry of Economy & Commerce has been to accelerate growth in the market and diversify the economy, and this roadshow is a continuation and actualization of those efforts. 

Qatar already has a strong trade relationship with the US. One million American jobs depend on business with Qatar, and more than 650 American companies are established in Qatar, including 117 companies 100 percent owned by US citizens. Qatar purchases billions of dollars of US-made goods each year and is a strong commercial and political ally of the United States. 

This delegation will bring together almost 100 businessmen from the State of Qatar who are actively looking for US trade partners. We encourage you to join to learn from speakers about developments in Qatar and to take advantage of the opportunity to meet with Qatari businessmen and seek new trade partners in the region. 

The US-Qatar Business Council is an American trade association devoted to enhancing the bilateral trade relationship and supporting companies in their efforts to export and engage in trade with Qatar. We are actively supporting this economic roadshow and look forward to meeting you tomorrow in Raleigh.

Mohammed Barakat
Managing Director | The US-Qatar Business Council