Qatari Diar

QATARI DIAR Real Estate Investment Company is wholly owned by the Qatar Investment Authority and  was established in December 2005 to support Qatar’s growing economy and to co-ordinate the country’s real estate development priorities. QATARI DIAR is currently developing or planning 49 projects in 29 countries around the world. QATARI DIAR is quickly becoming one of the world’s most trusted and respected real estate companies due to its commitment to quality, local community, partnership and hallmark sustainability. This vision of sustainable development places community and local traditions at the forefront. The Company aims to create and manage property investments and developments, which not only comply with the best international standards, but which also strongly reflect local culture and values. As a result, QATARI DIAR’s projects deliver a distinctive and sustainable social, economic and environmental benefit to the community. In addition, QATARI DIAR often enables local and international developers and investors to partner in its projects, and to work together in exploring other opportunities, both locally and internationally.