World Cup 2022

Congratulations to Qatar for winning the World Cup for 2022! The Announcement made by the Bidding Committee on December 2, 2010, was an excitement to Qatar and the rest of the Middle East, as this will be the first country in history to host a World Cup in the Gulf Region. Here you will find World Cup related information on the progress of construction, business opportunities, special announcements and overall updates as we get closer to the World Cup date in 2022! Articles: Buffon: Qatar has Great Potential,, (12/22/2014) The 2022 World Cup Provides Qatar with an Investment Legacy for the Future, EC Harris Research, (2012)

Qatar Court Braced for Spike in World Cup Contract Rows, ArabianBusiness, (1/10/2011) Qatar's $100 Bn World Cup Spree Faces Tight Deadline, ArabianBusiness, (12/23/2010) Qatar to Announce bids for $36Bil Rail Project, Reuters, (6/7/2011) US Officials lauds Qatar for winning World Cup Bid, Gulf Times, (6/7/2011)