Navigating markets: From Interest rates and inflation to big data NFTs, Roblox, and Air Jordans

Mar 16, 2022

Rising consumer prices is a major challenge the Fed must solve. The inability of the Fed to correctly anticipate the severity of the issue, combined with the recent geopolitical developments in relation to the war in Ukraine, make inflation a major concern for businesses, consumers, investors, and governments worldwide.

In his talk, Dr Alexis Antoniades, Director and Chair of International Economics at Georgetown University in Qatar, will discuss both the causes and the consequences of inflation, as well as the steps the Fed may take to react, and what consequences these may have on markets and on businesses. The discussion will introduce the role big data play in providing valuable insights and guiding business decisions.

As the economy is moving from manufacturing into services, and soon potentially into the metaverse, part of the talk will be to discuss with the audience how this transition may look like by presenting a simple, but coherent framework that brings together the concepts of cryptos, blockchain, NFTs, metaverse, and the virtual economy.