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Our Services

The Council has always been accredited to connect members to business partners, government officials and investors in Qatar. By doing so, our member companies have experienced growth and expansion opportunities through their presence in Qatar as well as being strategically located to other GCC nations. The Council also has the ability to bring Qatari investors to the United States, providing Foreign Direct Investments into a range of industries at home. The relationship with the United States as well as the State of Qatar, the Council has assisted in making viable deals and fully supporting our members against competition.

Through the Council’s various programs such as sponsoring breakfast/lunches, seminars and social forums, we create opportunities to connect all of our member companies, often at the Executive level, with each other. ‘Roundtable discussions’ allow member companies to come together and discuss important topics from economics to education to politics, in a positive environment that may have the potential to affect their business or the image of either nation.

The Council has the unique ability to obtain rather difficult information about Qatar where, in our case, it has been an advantage to our member companies. Market research, trade information, and commercial activities are just some of the areas where we have been able to give our members a competitive edge. As the Qatari market is one that is continuously being discovered, the Council has also been dedicated to educating American companies on important guidelines of doing business, Qatari culture and business etiquette throughout the Gulf region.

As a member you are entitled to our weekly newsletter that includes valuable news items related to Qatar, the ongoing US relationship with Qatar, and news about other members of the Council. Ambassador Patrick N. Theros, President of the U.S. – Qatar Business Council, includes written statements on what he believes is worth revealing for the week. The Journal, our monthly publication, is also available to members including articles of interest, credible reports and related economic and political analysis not found in US Media. Non-members can purchase back issues of both the Newsletter and Journals.

The Council has numerous partners who have been able to provide products and services at a deep discount strictly to our members including but not limited to airfares, hotels, and human resources. The Council also provides exclusive access to conferences, events, and sponsorship opportunities to its members who would not have the ability to do so otherwise.